My Minimalism Challenge

Two weeks ago my husband and I packed most of our things into boxes and stuffed them in a storage unit.

We’re still waiting for news about our relocation, and our apartment lease has come to an end (and the landlord was less than courteous about it…) – therefore we decided to temporarily move in with his mother, until we have some clear direction.

Limited Posessions

Obviously, there’s a limit to what we could bring in – we have to fit everything in two rooms, after all. The non-negotiables are our bed, and our work stations.

Since there’s not much space anyway, I decided to store all my hobby materials as well. Paints, sewing machine, notebooks, yarn… everything went into the storage unit. It was definitely the right logistic decision, but more importantly, I think it was the best decision I could make for my mental state right now.

Trying to keep our possessions to the minimum, we gave away and thrown out a lot of things we’re not using anymore. I’m very proud of many decisions I made in the process. However, the upkeep of this material status quo is no easy task either.

Challenge Terms

In order to help myself stay within sane limits, and make our next move as simple as possible, I came up with a few rules on how this challenge will go:

  1. I‘m not allowed to buy anything but consumables I’ve run out of and actively using on a daily basis (I’m looking at you, obscure skin care products). This includes digital assets, such as games, templates, services, etc.
  2. Time passing is limited – no new hobbies or projects. My current projects are the relocation process, my social media accounts, and journaling – which I’m taking to a bit of a more productive level to keep up with the tasks I have to get done before we leave the country.
  3. Speaking of a journal – daily planning and journaling as an integral part of my routine. Since no new hobby projects are on the line, I want to dedicate this time to developing some basic habits that I kind of lost along the way. This is a whole other post though.

I really don’t know whether or not to call it a challenge even, since I’m pretty much backed into a corner here. But declaring this as a challenge gives me the feeling of control that I miss so much right now.

I hope our relocation process moves a bit faster now that we’re out of our old apartment and done with most of the documents we had to send in. Waiting is the most frustrating part about all of this – but hey, challenges like this one distract me from the frustration and let me focus on myself!

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