The Selftertainment Newsletter Is Here!

A few months ago, I dabbled in creating my own email newsletter. It faded away after just a few issues, mostly because I felt like I had to write about D&D and couldn’t really pivot to any other topic that interested me.

At the same time, thoughts of my selftertainment project have never left my mind. Initially, I thought it would be a podcast. However, with my life being a bit unstable right now, an email newsletter is something I see myself committing to, and actually sticking with. The newsletter issues might still become a podcast in the future, but for now – let’s focus on the present.

Weekly, on Saturdays, I’ll be sending out a newsletter blast about all the things that I engaged with during the week. A lot of self-reflection, mindfulness practices, slow living, understanding your own mind, etc. Some entertainment sources, too – games, shows, movies, books.

All issues are going to be kept on this website, under the Selftertainment Project category – so don’t worry about cluttering your inbox, you can always come back here and read past issues online.

The first issue will be coming out this Saturday, and it’ll be all about journaling. As a celebration of this new beginning, I will also be giving away a journaling guide with hand-picked prompts that will help you get started.

See you on Saturday!

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