About Me

Ahoy there! Nice to meet you, and welcome to my little corner of the internet.

My name is Anna, I live in Israel with my husband Igal and my cat Ash. We’re currently in the process of relocating to Prague, Czechia. This is one of many steps we’re taking on our way to our dream life.

A big part of building your life as you want it includes working on inner beliefs and values that no longer match reality – or at least what I want my reality to look like.

As an introvert, I find strength and inspiration in my solo activities, which I’m then ready to share with the world. I absolutely love people and appreciate a good company; it just drains my battery a bit more than the average person 🙂

This is why I focus my energy on building a strong online community that will provide some balance between “alone” and “together”.

I’ll be happy to see you become a part of it, and hope you’ll enjoy your stay on the blog!

A note on the images present on the site – unless mentioned otherwise, the photos are made by me, and the art is generated by Midjourney. Feel free to use the AI art, but please do not use the photos without my knowledge.